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Why is my Gmail being retarded?!

I keep getting disconnected from Gmail, over and over. It's like Gmail has the hiccups. I keep getting the "We're experiencing technical difficulties and you have been temporarily logged out of Chat." I'm also getting the "Oops" message when trying to send emails. I have to try six or seven times to get one out. This has been going on since yesterday.

I'm also getting hiccups in Google Reader, same "Oops" message, and not all of my feeds are getting marked as read. What the heck?
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GMail is in the process of rolling out imap over the last and next couiple of days.

I think this is resulting in a lot more traffic down to email clients that can cache a user's entire mail store.

In addition, because of imap's functionality, the email client software will send updates relating to deletions / refilings in folders / marked / unmarked as read, etc. back to the gmail servers.

I have had the same problem intermittently today from the client side.

I think it will settle down once all the fanatics (me!) have sync'd all their email to their pc, and each of their mobile phones, etc. discovered what will and won't fit, and have thrown away or refiled the old email.
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Anyone else suddenly have 14GB of storage? Not just the 4GB? Woohoo!
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Still 4Gb for me.
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I think blue has the correct reason. I also only have 4gb.

Heh -- nice office quote in the title.
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I have 14 GB of storage because I payed for 10 GB of extra Picasa photo storage several months ago and Google recently made that storage capacity available for me to share between Gmail and Picasa. So that that's why it's up to 14GB now. It will increase to 16GB by January.
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In terms of storage, it is rapidly increasing. I have 4.4 now. My usage went from 51% to 39% over the last few weeks. I think they are trying to catch up with Yahoo and others that have unlimited or 10GB for free.
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Has anyone noticed a significant increase in spam making it through Gmail's filters in the last week or so? I used to get maybe 1 false negative and 5 false positives (still ads, but stuff that I requested at some point) a week with about 300 or so true positives and 300 true negatives during that time period. In the last week or so I am getting like 10 false negatives a day, and they all look to come from the same few domains.
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I too have been having problems with GMail and GChat. I think it has to do with the IMAP rollout and simultanious increase in storage capacity, as mentioned earlier.

jcwagner: I'm getting some spam slipping through as well, including the stuff that's just Chinese characters. GMail usually catches this, so something's definitely up.

kidsleepy: calling things that don't behave as you expect them to "retarded" makes you sound ignorant and offensive.
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>kidsleepy: calling things that don't behave as you expect them to "retarded" makes you sound ignorant and offensive.
I agree.
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oh you guys, it's a joke from the tv show The Office. OP is quoting the main character Michael Scott, who often says things in a very mixed-up way.
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apologize for the retarded comment. that came out of frustration, which is why i attempted to diffuse with the office quote as my header.

(thanks lohmann)
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