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The ultimate act of defiance? Just now on Air America Radio, Randi Rhodes described a poster / pin design that was common in the 1960s that featured a mouse giving the finger to an eagle, with a caption that said "the ultimate act of defiance". Any idea where I might find an image of this? Googling didn't turn up much.
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It actually reads, "The Last Great Act of Defiance," which you could learn by Googling, "act defiance eagle mouse." Here is a colored one and here is a larger outline one (copy and paste to defer the referrer blockage).
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Thisturned up at the same site. Heh.
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rafter, that doesn't look like the one I remember from the 70s when I was a kid (probably left over from the 60s). Or maybe it's just pixellation that makes it look digitized and different.

I can't remember if one of my hippie cousins had it as a tee or poster, or if I saw it in a comic magazine. They used to have all kinds of posters and black-light posters and peace-sign patches and iron-ons and tees for sale in comics in the 70s. "Patience, my ass!" was popular, as was "Keep on Truckin'," of course. And pot leaves. As a kid I put patches all over my favorite shirt, one of which was a sargeant's stripes shoulder patch with a peace sign in the middle.

Coyote, you might find the vintage image (if rafter's isn't it) on the site I linked to or on a site like it.
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konolia, i just printscreened and saved that (as I don't know the trick to get around prohibited right-click) from the site I linked to! It's on there too. That image will come in handy...
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konolia, it's on the site I linked to as well! I just saw it. That image will come in handy...
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d'oh! (connection timed out)
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Not that I haven't done this myself, but did someone perhaps link direct to somebody else's graphic? Cause I think a substitution

may have occurred.
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Response by poster: Those will do nicely enough, thanks all :)
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jfuller, thus the need to copy/paste the URL. The original image is at the bottom of a lengthy and javascripty page.
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