Filesharing between two computers
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Syncing music between two computers help! Here's the setup...

1 work computer (laptop) running Win XP Home
1 home computer running XP Pro

I want to sync the two music libraries so both have the same files.

Ideally I would like some in between service where I can log into and upload the files. Something like the way works, but actually be able to download the file. As far as I have seen all you can do is stream the music.

It's not a huge library but it is around 15 gigs.

I have tried Xdrive but it seems to be unbelievably slow.

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There's a beta for 2.0 available, also.
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Have you tried It requires you to run a server application at home, but then provides both music/video streaming, and individual downloads.
That being said, mp3tunes does support downloading, on the individual track level, from the website, as well as syncing down, if you have a premium account. Come to think, downloading individual tracks may only be available to paying accounts....
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Haven't tried orb but I will check it out this evening. I don't always leave my home computer on. I'll see what I can find out.

Any other suggestions are welcome

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If the two computers are on at the same time for a while each day, then Foldershare is a really easy solution. The only possible issue is that it's limited in the number of files it can sync per "share" but I don't think you'd hit that number with a 15GB music library.
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I use SyncBack (the free light edition) over a VPN for just this purpose. It's similar to SyncToy, but more tunable, flexible and has better interface, imo.
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I will try out SyncBack & Foldershare. For the record you can download single files from
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Try esnips. You get 5GB for free. Good luck!
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