Petrichor/Bergamont perfume
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Wikipedia says that petrichor is " the name of the yellow organic oil that causes the familiar scent of rain on dry earth". The article also mentions that perfumes have been produced from it. Which perfumes? Are there synthetic perfumes that come close? Failing that I'm looking for an interesting men's cologne with strong bergamont notes.
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Response by poster: I'm aware of Dirt but I'm looking for non-synthetic first or options to Dirt.
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Related thread from mere hours ago... maybe some good links to follow.
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See what Demeter has to offer.

Note: I have no experience with their product, but they do have some pretty weird (nifty) aromas.
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Maybe try Baghdad from BPAL? Alternatively, maybe The Catterpillar in the Alice's supposed to be fairly masculine.
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Demeter's Thunderstorm might be what you want.
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Demeter's Thunderstorm smells like the ozone after a lightning strike. Awesome, but not exactly what you're looking for. The one you want is Rain.
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I always thought it was ozone I smelled after a rain.
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I like Demeter's Wet Garden, too -- it might be close to the note you want.
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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Y'ha-Nthlei might be just what you want - it has bergamot plus aquatic notes. (Why yes, BPAL has a whole section of perfumes with Lovecraftian names!)

BPAL's search engine; type in the notes you want and up will pop a list of fragrances.

I LOVE The Caterpillar, but it's not especially masculine-smelling on me, so YMMV.
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Response by poster: Ack.. Thanks everyone for answering but next time I'll refrain from posting when I'm exhausted. I read the previous question, wandered around the web for an hour or so and was convinced that my question was original.

But I have got some recommendations to try. I'll go to Sephora tomorrow to sample and then track some of the others down. Thanks again.
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