Climate Change Step-By-Step
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Does anyone know of a good online resource that explains in detail the exact series of events that is predicted to occur as a result of climate change if it continues on its current path?

I am looking for step by step descriptions of what is likely to happen geologically, biologically, and socially, described in lay terms, from well regarded sources. It should be in depth, but not highly technical. Video, text, and graphics are all fine.

I am not looking for appeals to save the earth, or descriptions of what people shoud do to save the earth. I am looking for descriptions of what is likely to happen if we do not.

I realize that all predictions will include a significant amount of speculation, and that they will vary from one another.
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Pick up the latest National Geographic. The cover story is all about this. Your exact question is addressed.
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Response by poster: Wow, what timing. Will do.
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Straight from the mouth of the Nobel Prize winners :

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Summary for Policy Makers (pdf)

It is an 18 page document. The section on forecasting the consequences of climate change starts on page 12 and run until the end.
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