You've never given up on anything in your life and you aren't going to start now!
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What movie or TV show were they parodying in one specific scene on South Park last night? (Spoilers within)

No, the answer is not Stargate. :-)

Please forgive my occasionally hazy recall about last night's episode ("Imaginationland Pt. II"), most of this will be largely paraphrased.

On last night's South Park, there's a sequence where Kyle temporarily "dies" after his encounter with Manbearpig. The doctors hit him with the defibrillator twice and then tell Cartman "he's gone".

Cartman freaks out and begins frantically giving Kyle chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. He says things like "don't you die on me". Then he demands the doctors use the defibrillator again, then he goes back to the compressions and the mouth-to-mouth.

The scene culminates in Cartman hitting Kyle on the chest and saying something close to "you've never given up on anything in your life and you aren't going to start now". After one last CPR session, Kyle coughs up some water and comes back to life.

The whole sequence is maddeningly familiar and I know it is lifted shot-for-shot and line-for-line from a movie or a TV show. I'm almost positive it's something I have seen more than once.

The things that I remember definitely being from the original film/show are the 2 defibs, followed by the pronouncement of death from the doctor, then the freak out/CPR from a primary character, then the third defib, then more CPR, then the formerly lifeless person coughs up water and is revived.

I'm vaguely picturing an older person (maybe a father?) trying to bring back a younger person (maybe a daughter?), but that may not be right.

The South Park BBS and Wikipedia both say this is supposed to be a specific scene in the Abyss, but I'm kind of skeptical since I have never seen the Abyss, but I have definitely seen the scene that is the source of this parody.

Anyone with any ideas?
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The Abyss.
posted by crickets at 1:35 PM on October 25, 2007

Maybe the reason it seems so familiar is because it is. It's #1 on Screenwriterguy's top ten worst cliche lines of dialogue.
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THANK YOU. I was wondering this same thing.
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The scene is somewhere in the middle, when Mary Stuart Mastrantonio has had to have been pulled, sans suit, through the water in hopes of resuscitating her.

Ed Harris, her ex-husband, is aggressively performing CPR. The scene goes on for quite some time, and it's clear to everyone except Ed that she's dead. Except, of course, she wasn't.
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Awesome. AskMe comes through.
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Just a note, crickets, it is Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Not Mary Stuart.
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I thought you were going to ask about the Strawberry Shortcake scene, which was from HOSTEL. And disgusting in both.
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The thing with the Abyss scene is, she might well have been alright without the need for the drawn out resuscitation scene if they hadn't waited for her to drown before dragging her to safety.
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This sort of scene is frequently parodied-see this MST3K bit, for example.
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It's also in "Far and Away," when Tom Cruise is about to die at the end, and Nicole Kidman says something similar, if I recall correctly.
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