Best driving school in New York?
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What's a good driving school for help with the NY driving test?

I'm trying to finally get my NY driver's license (I'm 31, have driven for years but let my California one lapse a few years ago - never needed it living here). I'm doing the inane 5 hour video thing this weekend, but will then need to schedule my test and am in search of a good place in NYC that will provide a car and driver for the day of the test. Recommendations? Also, any insights on the best location to take the test? (Have already scanned AskMefi, but would love any additional thoughts.)

Any help much appreciated!
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if she's still working there, call grand prix (on lexington in the 60s, i think) and ask for shanti. she's terrific. she recommended the bronx location and was great about getting me prepared for it.

if you want to tell her i recommended her (which would maybe get you a slight discount?) send me an email (in the profile).

good luck!
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Ferrari Driving School, 3232 Steinway Street, Astoria, 212-922-9400. Easy to reach from Manhattan by subway (R).

Exactly same situation as you last April (except my lapsed license was from Florida) and I'd lost my EU-driver's license too. You can take the 5hr video thing in their premises and it's going to last significantly less than that, heh. Instructors come with cars. If you live in the area, they pick you up. I took my test in Whitestone, nice residential neighborhood, not much traffic, wide streets, flat (no uphill parking), easy parallel parking.
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Seconding Grand Prix on Lex in the low 60s. When I got my license 7 years ago, they took me out to Staten Island (and drove me back), which may be less crowded than the facilities at the other boroughs.
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for what it's worth, i failed 4 consecutive driving tests at the red hook testing location, which is closest to manhattan, and finally passed in sheepshead bay.
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