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Since it's almost Halloween and all, I need ideas for foods that look disgusting but don't taste disgusting. Does anyone have any good recipes or sources?

In particular, I'm interested in bodily fluids/discharges and body parts, human or otherwise, but I try to keep an open mind.
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I mean, I'm interested in delicious foods made to resemble those things I said.
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Corpse cake or thorax cake!
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What you need, my friend, is a big ol' log of peanut-filled fudge.
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Nigella Lawson has some cool looking recipes (I've not tried any) in her book Feast.
Something like:
Blood and Guts Potatoes and Slime Soup?
The book has a black linguine with eyeballs, and an interesting dessert, which I cant find online. Email me (email in profile) if you want them, and I can send them to you tonight
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Indian saag can look quite a lot like...something very unpleasant.
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I recently attended a party where there was a cake made to look like a cat box. It was really gross.
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I picked up brain, heart and hand molds at a party store and found these recipes online:

Panna Cotta Brains with Pomegranate Sauce
Strawberries and Cream Heart
Boris O'Sanchez's Hand

I haven't tried them yet so I can't say if they're delicious or not. It does seem better than Jell-o with evaporated milk though.
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I read a story, long time ago, about a toast at a wedding by the best man (who already had kids) about diapers. How they're disgusting, then you get used to them, then they don't bother you at all - at which he produced a cloth diaper that looked "full" and proceeded to eat the contents. The recipe, as I recall, was just melted Kisses, some milk, and some grated parmesan cheese.
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bleeding heart cupcakes
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Coq au Vin, or chicken prepared in red wine, is an elegant main course, and when properly prepared looks like body parts steeped in blood. I make a killer version (no pun intended). Often, for children's Halloween parties, people make desserts and appetizers with no thought to an entree. For an adult affair, like a costume party, this is an excellent option.
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Check out this page. A bunch of recipes and pictures too.
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I try to keep an open mind.

Open mind....hah. You slay me. Speaking of open minds, what about chilled brain salad? It's exposed brains...yum. Plus there are several other disgusting recipes, most notably the chilled, bleeding heart.

Meathead is extremely disgusting. So is the severed arm being nibbled on by rats cake.
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Like fuzzbean, I'd suggest saag. It looks like baby poop but tases delicious.
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As a child, I made the now infamous Cockroach Cake. My father suggested the project, hoping to ameliorate my roach phobia. Instead, I developed a mild and short-lived aversion to cake.

you will need:
- one batch of chocolate cake batter for a two-layer cake
- two baking pans: one 8-inch round and one 8-inch square, greased and floured
- one recipe of chocolate frosting, glossy, not whipped (or one generous tub of commercial frosting)
- two servings vanilla pudding or custard (or small quantity vanilla frosting)
- splash of milk or cream
- two brown M&Ms
- handful of coconut
- chocolate shavings, optional
- thin liquorice whips or chocolate pocky

Split cake batter between the two pans. Smooth the batter in the square pan to a level surface to reduce doming, but do not smooth surface of round cake. Doming of round cake is desirable. Bake as recipe instructs.

Mix coconut and, if desired, chocolate shavings in pudding. Thin with milk or cream to make it slightly oozy. Not too runny, or it will soak through the cake.

Invert square cake so the flat, soft underside is showing. Score (but do not cut all the way through) a shallow five-inch square in cake. Gently pry the square away, trying to keep it intact to serve as a lid. With fingers, hollow out a small reservior in cake large enough to hold pudding. Fill with pudding mixture, cap with square cake lid, and gently press into place. Carefully flip cake belly-down.

Cut the round cake into two semi-circles and position, flat side down, at either side of the square on a long serving tray. You now have a long oval cake with a slightly domed surface.

Frost with chocolate frosting. Dip the frosting knife or spatula in hot water for a glossy, shiny finish. Position brown M&Ms as eyes. Place pocky or liquorice whips for legs and antennae.

Don't tell guests about the pudding center. Their initial disgust at the cockroach-shaped cake will likely be mild, just groans at how hokey it seems, but if you have even one or two squeamish people in the crowd, the sudden burst of richly textured guts during the cake-cutting will be a memorable effect.
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Thanks to web goddess for this one - I made them last year, and although mine didn't come out quite as neat-looking as hers, they were delish!

Buck-eye Balls!
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I have a friend who has a brain-shaped jello mold. She mixes jello colors along with heavy cream to make a gray, quivering mass of nastorama. It tastes good, though!
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Add a bunch of green food coloring to sugar cookie dough, and cut into square shapes before baking. Voila, Soylent Green!
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Kitty Litter Cake. You can also make your own recipe pretty easily, but that one should get you started :)
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doh - somehow didnt see Miss Tea's post above. Sorry.
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I don't want to mess you up or scar you emotionally here. Please, those among you with weak constitutions, I beg you, DO NOT click this link:

Idaho Mashed Potato Ghosts


May God forgive me.
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Have you visited bertc.com for the weird & different recipies?
Hairball salad with Saliva dressing
sounds so appetizing, doesn't it?
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Eyeball Highball at Martha Stewart
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Similar to the Eyeball Highball is (in case you missed it in my AskMe thread) the Mad Eye Martini.

Here are several Finger Cookie recipes. Aha! Found the one I liked best (it's a forum thread, look for user named tejon).

Here are some awesome cupcakes. And some bleeding cupcakes.
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Squid ink pasta is an ominous shade of black, and legitimately creepy/icky in provenance, but seems to be a pretty common item in Italian groceries, so probably not actually disgusting to eat, though I can't personally vouch for them.
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Someone you work with has kids - borrow a new, clean, disposable diaper. Mix up a batch of yummy guacamole, serve on the diaper with chips.
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Oh wow, somebody made my Buck-eye Balls! Thanks for the link, Ruby Doomsday.
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I'm rather fond of the edible fleshworm made out of tasty tasty pork. I haven't made it myself, though.
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I made the panna cotta with pomegranate sauce last week. I put in 5 teaspoons of gelatin as per the recipe but when I plated the panna cotta it sunk to about 2" tall, oozing out flat. If I were to make it next time I would put in more gelatin. I also added 1/4 cup blueberries to the sauce and it looked really gross. The whole thing actually tasted pretty good and one person asked me for the recipe.
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Scary Eyes

Ghostly Hands

Spooky Graveyard

They have a few more, but you get the idea.
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How weird. I made the panna cotta brain myself (picture) and it turned out great! The only weirdness was that the top inch or so of the brain (which was the bottom of the mold) was distinctly more "clear" than the rest of it, which I attributed to the gelatin somehow separating a bit. But it was otherwise tasty and the sauce completely covered it. (Oh, and I didn't use the pomegranate; I got a can of raspberries with sauce and heated it up to reduce a bit.)

I made lots of other yucky but delicious things, which I'll post photos of today...
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