Help for visiting NYC?
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Help for visiting NYC?

I'm taking my 13 year old daughter to NYC for the weekend. We will arrive in LaGuardia on Friday, 26th October around 9:00 am. From there I would like to go to Manhattan. I can figure out the trains, buses and other ground transport well enough on my own.

First thing I want is a coin locker. My hotel is in Huntington. I'd like to avoid having to go to Huntington from the airport and then heading to Manhattan. So, can anyone tell me where I can definitely find a coin locker in Manhattan? They were indispensable to me when I visited Japan a few years ago. I called the Port authority and was told that due to security concerns, coin lockers at most airports, bus stations and train stations (including subway) have been eliminated. Is this true? Is there anywhere else I can find a coin locker or a place to store a bag until I take the train back to Huntington late at night?

Also, We'll be leaving LaGuardia Sunday afternoon. Can you give me some must visit places that are feasible to cover in two days time? Things that are kid friendly are preferred. So far, the list is: 1. take the kid to a show 2. Sanrio store (she still sorta digs Hello Kitty) 3. Nintendo World 4. Statue of Liberty 5. A friend told me about some dumpling shop in Greenwich village that makes the dumplings in the window (does anyone know the name? Sammy's, maybe?)

Thanks all. I'll pick best answers after I return.
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Nintendo World is fun, but there's nothing great about it. I would recommend FAO Schwarz instead, on 5th ave and 58th St. Right behind the Apple Store. It's also a quick walk north from there to get to the Central Park Zoo, which is pretty neat, as well.

Also right by Nintendo World is Top of the Rock which I hear is a really nice view of the city, and that way you avoid the lines at Empire State Building (you can buy reserved time tickets in Rockefeller Plaza). And afterwards you can go skating in the rink, though there is usually quite a line for that, too, so I recommend going as early as possible if you really want to skate.

As far as coin-op lockers go, I'm not sure, as the Port Authority guy said, it's a security thing and I haven't seen them in a long time.
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Every time I go to the city, I wish I had time for a visit to the top of the Empire State Building. Yes, it's stupidly touristy and probably more expensive than it should be, but at night, it's incredible.

I don't know how much she'll be into it, but Central Park in Autumn? Beautiful. I don't know if the ice rink will be running yet, but if it is and she can, yes. You should do that.
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Horseblind didn't mention it, but if you make food suggestions, both he and his daughter are vegetarian.
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I'm guessing a 13 year old would really dig the Peanut Butter restaurant on Sullivan St.
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i don't think there are any coin lockers in manhattan, unfortunately.

what you probably -can- do, however, is go into manhattan with your bag, then check it at the coat room at moma (or whatever major museum is most convenient). you might have to pay admission to the museum, which isn't that cheap, but it's a cool museum and has stuff a young teen will find cool.
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Unless there's a specific reason not mentioned, you don't have to stay in Huntington if you're visiting NYC. Spend your first night at a hotel near LaGuardia, and then proceed on to Huntington if that's to be the second part of your trip.
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The Staten Island Ferry is free and fun, but probably cold. Bring a jacket.

My family just visited and loved the bus tour.

Dasein - The torch has been closed since 1917, I think you meant the crown is closed. The base is open, but you need a pass to go up.
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Instead of a coin locker, go to any fine hotel (Ritz Carlton, Waldorf, etc.) and check your luggage at the bell stand or with the doorman. Tell them you're meeting someone at the hotel for lunch for a few hours. You give them a few dollars tip, sometimes they charge you a couple dollars per bag.
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I would skip Huntington and the Statue of Liberty, honestly. As Marky said, take the SI Ferry. It's cold here this weekend, but free.
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2nd kdern's suggestion about checking the bags with the bellman at a nicer hotel. If you come to the Disney store on 55th & 5th first, there is the St.Regis and Peninsula hotels on 55th that will do that. If you plan on taking the LIRR to Huntington, consider a hotel (Hotel Pennsylvania across from the Garden on 33rd and 7th) near Penn Station.

I suggest that if you have the time and are on the East Side, go to Dylan's candy bar. Around the corner from Disney, on Madison is the Sony Store. My kids loved it for some reason. Maybe because they have no video games at home. My 13 year old daughter took a trip with my wife to the Tenement Museum. They both thought it was very interesting and very New York. Rather than go to the Statue of Liberty, go to Ellis Island. Much more things to see and learn and you get pretty close to the Statue on the ferry ride over.

Note: It is raining here and expected to rain through Sunday.

Also, consider shipping your bags to the hotel ahead of time. If they go out today, they can be there tomorrow or Saturday Morn. Just bring a backpack with clothes for Friday night and a toothbrush. If you plan on doing any shopping, you could just bring underwear and toothbrush and buy pants and shirt to wear on Saturday and Sunday.
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In 2002, I was able to check my luggage for the day at the Penn Station baggage handler.
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Oh, a couple more things. The Museum of Natural History is great for kids. Also, for a unique food experience, Max Brenner's restaurant on Broadway (and 13th St near Union Square) can be fun, it's a whole restaurant based on chocolate.
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The Museum of Natural History.
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Response by poster: Bunches of good suggestions here.

I'm staying in Huntington because it was the cheapeset hotel I could find reasonably close to the city. If I can stay close to or in the city for $100/ night or less on this short of notice I'd rather do that. Suggesstions?
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If you'd like some reliable and good veggie cuisine, I recommend Zen Palate (and, of course, Gobo, run by the sons of the couple who founded Zen Palate).

If you want haute veggie food, the kind of stuff you'll only find here in New York, then go to Pure Food and Wine.

I haven't been, but many vegetarian and vegan friends recommend Candle 79.
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You could try to Priceline a nice hotel (since it's going to be a gross weekend, probably lots of cancellations) or stay in Jersey City, which is MUCh closer than Long Island.
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Horseblind, why not check out craigslist's short-term sublets? It's a common thing that apartment dwellers here do to earn extra money or make use of an investment property.

Here is a cool listing in Tribeca. And here's another one in the East Village. Those are two of the coolest New York-iest neighborhoods in Manhattan, and are 1000 times better than Huntington.
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horseblind: try the days' inn on union street in brooklyn. might be a little more expensive, but maybe worth it. huntington is not close. there's probably a comparable hotel near laguardia, honestly.
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From your comments about public transport, I assume you aren't renting a car? If you're open to taking a cab, you could leave your stuff at my place free of charge. I'm in Astoria, between LGA and Manhattan, about a 10-min ($12) ride from LGA. Email in profile, if you're interested.
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