What's a good host for providing both a lot of storage and bandwitdth?
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What's a good host for providing both a lot of storage (1 GB+) and bandwidth?
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Talk to James, tell him KJ sent you. Get a good deal. Should anyway.
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This totally depends on what you want.

A quick and dirty site without a lot of handholding, but flexible features? - I use Hostrocket and it's great for that.

A growing site that will be adding lots of domains? - I use Pair for that and it's great.

A host with fantastic user support, but less flexibility? - Lunarpages is great at that.

So for my high volume site I use Hostrocket, as the bandwidth and price are fantastic. But the support is ass, and the site will go down every other month, and mail is very bad, and extra domains are very expensive.

So for my domain cluster I use Pair, as the cost for extra domains is great, and the performance is bulletproof. But the monthly cost for one domain is rather high, and the bandwidth is a bit low.

So I want high bandwidth and good performance I use Lunarpages, since it's fast and always up, and support is great. But they have some nasty restrictions which make me cranky sometimes.

There is no one solution.
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As I always say check out Web Hosting Talk for hot deals and host reviews. I used to be with HostRocket.com for a long time but I got really tired of my site going down a lot, and their slow support. I'm currently with 24HostingNow.com and they're fairly cheap, the site has the infrequent but present downtime (far far less than HostRocket) and the support is ok too.
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Not Pair. I like them and use them, but they don't like to give away the disk space. The Basic plan is only 200 MB and even their $50/month plan doesn't have a Gig of space.
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I like mchost.com. They let me divide my gig of space into as many sites as I want at no additional charge.
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Kualo.com. great for reseller services, I use an account to cohost with a few other people. You can make hosting packages (size, bandwidth, emails, etc.) and assign them to domains.
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I use HTTPMe, great product, great service.
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Hostrocket gives you 1000 mbs and 50 gbs of bandwidth for 9.95 a month, but only if you sign a two year contract. I would never use hostrocket (very bad experience) but I certainly wouldn't sign away two years of my money to them.

Monthly they go back to 14.95 a month.

Dreamhost has a special now (code monster) that gives 1600 mbs and 40 gbs of bandwidth a month for 19.95 a month with 15 domains included. You can't beat that.

Dreamhost support has had their share of troubles lately, but compared to hostrocket they're gold.
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