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Can I obtain RSS feeds from Drupal, on more than just the (root) front page, and with a calendar View?

When I create a Page content item, I have the option of promoting it to the front page. This appends the content to previous content on the root of the site. An RSS feed icon at the bottom of the page generates a feed from these Page items.

There is only one front page (that I know of) which sits, again, at the root of the site. I don't have the option of promoting Pages to other nodes.

Let's say I have various "subdomains" with the names "Faculty", "Undergraduate" and "Graduate". For a concrete example, here's the test site on which I'm playing with Drupal.

Is there a way to make these subdomain nodes the equivalent of a root front page, such that when I add Pages, I can choose to "promote" them to an existing node, and then Drupal will make an RSS feed for me from the Pages on a node?

Likewise, I am using the Views module to generate a calendar. Is there a way to automatically generate, say, per-month RSS feeds from calendar content?

I am using the Pathauto module to create human-readable aliases to nodes. I don't know if this complicates anything.

Thanks for any tips!
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Check out the Syndication module.

If you want, you can also set up a sidebar block with hard-coded links to your feeds, which take the form . You'll need to play around to figure out what those ## should be.
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It looks like I needed to read up on Categories and Taxonomy, as well.
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Taxonomy is really crucial to "getting" Drupal. In earlier versions you couldn't do anything useful until you created a taxonomy for your site (that is, an outline or hierarchy or whatever). This was kind of intimidating, so they made the taxonomy implicit, but the underpinnings are still there and still provide a useful and in many cases necessary handle for other functions.
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The Views module is pretty essential to building a Drupal site these days, too. It lets you build custom-filtered listings of content in a variety of forms, and it can also generate an RSS feed for every filtered list it builds.
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