trimming pdf's?
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Without "pro" software, how can I trim pages from large pdf files?

There are a lot of public domain pdf texts out there on the internet, but they are frequently scans of old "collected works" editions, etc., with a thousand pages or so.

How can I use free software to save just, say, 100 pages of a thousand public domain .pdf?

I've not yet had much help trying to use openoffice Writer or Foxit reader/editor (the option is blocked out or available only to paid Foxit users, I think).

Thanks much for any help.
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Response by poster: Sorry, I mean to say that I've not yet had much "success" (rather than "help"), trying to use foxit and Writer. I'm in a bit of a rush, I'm afraid.
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This isn't the most elegant solution, but you could probably use Cute PDF (free last time I used it) and print those 100 pages of the PDF to a PDF.
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On Unix/X11 systems (Solaris, Linux, *BSD, OS X, ...) you can use gv (ghostview). On the left side of its window there is a list of page numbers; you can mark any number of them with the mouse and use the "Save marked pages" menu command.
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If you have access to a Mac with OS 10.4, you can simply open the PDF, choose print, set the desired page range, and then save those pages as a new PDF using the PDF button on the bottom left of the print dialog.
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Best answer: PDFill, the Windows equivalent.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone. The PDFill seems to be the best solution for me, since I'm using Windows. Works like a charm!

Heck, maybe better than some charms.
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