BBC4 Broadcast Rights?
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Looking for information on the broadcast/screening rights for a four-part special broadcast on BBC 4 in 1992.

The program in question is "On the Edge" (you can see parts of it here). It was written and directed by Derek Bailey, and it's about improvised music.

I work for a university research project on improvisation, and we'd like to be able to screen it (on the level).

I contacted channel 4 through their webform, but I'm not sure that'll be any help. Does anyone know how I'd go about finding this information out?

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Just so you know, Channel 4 is not associated with the BBC. It is an independent television station in the UK. Wanted to say that just in case people were thinking it was on BBC Radio 4.
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Response by poster: Aha, that might help! Thanks.
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There is a BBC 4 Tv station too now, it's definitely Channel 4 you need.
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Response by poster: OK, yeah, it was Channel 4 that it was on and that I contacted. My saying BBC4 in here is but a demonstration of the sad state of knowledge of British culture here in the colonies (Canada).
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You're extremely unlikely to get anything from contacting Channel 4 that way. Also, the rights may not rest with Channel 4 if it was an independent production for Channel 4.

On The Edge was directed and produced by Jeremy Marre (Bailey wrote it, but didn't direct it). I'd contact him.
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Channel 4 doesn't make any of its programmes, save Right to Reply.

You want Harcourt Films. Boudicca just posted the link.
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Response by poster: Yep, I contacted that guy as well. We'll see how it turns out.
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