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What's the cost of Ensinger Tecamid 6/6 MDS or GF30 as an 11/16" rod, and where can I get the material anywhere around chicagoland?

Our current bike polo mallet design features an aluminum ski pole as the shaft, and while being light and stiff, the ski pole is prone to bending and breaking. Having recently seen Tecamid in use, it would be highly advantageous to have a material that will be resistant to breaking but still maintain a level of light weight and rigidity.
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I think you're wrong about it being a good material for a mallet. It's a glass-reinforced nylon, nothing more. In 11/16 or 3/4 diameter, it'll be extremely flexible- whippy, even. Nylon is also permanently deformable- once it's severely bent, it'll stay that way. I would suggest a hollow carbon-fiber rod from here or here in the appropriate diameter. If you're sure you want nylon, I buy most of my exotic plastics from Professional Plastics. They carry glass-filled nylon here.
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