How donations via SMS works?
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I need to setup donations via SMS for a client, but I don't know how I can start. What companies offer this, what are the costs. Anyone knows?
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Donations via SMS? How exactly would that work? Pledges only or actual money transfers?
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Look at this site:

Text HELP to 84424 now to make your SMS donation.

I saw this in many places, like tv shows where you send a SMS to entry for a prize or something and the system discount you an amount of $ from you cellphone account.
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Try googling "Payment via sms service". I got quite a few hits that might be promising.
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Well, the Google magic words for this are "SMS billing" or "reverse SMS billing".

Anyway, if someone knows a good company that offer that service, would be great.
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please do post if youfind any solutions. Everything I know about mobile suggests this is going to be very, very, difficult.

Which is not to discourage you, only to emphasize how valuable the answer is!
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I'm in South Africa and this, as I understand it, is becoming a much more common practice over here in Africa. I recently saw a piece on CNN about how Masai goat farmers in Kenya are using SMS to make and accept payments instead of cash, which helps them avoid being robbed. I'm almost positive the company featured in the piece was Safaricom, which I believe is a child-company of Vodacom - one of the more prevalent operators on the continent here. The other big one is MTN. I'd try getting in touch with either of them regarding the service, but I'm not sure how much that will help you if local providers on your continent don't offer it.
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Ok, these are the services I've found: (includes API)

allkindsoftime: yes, mobile payments are very popular in South America too, but I'm more looking for donations instead of payments. Donations made directly from the billing of the cell phone account directly to the charity entity.

Thanks all
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