Need a basic text formatting tool for a CMS
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I'm looking for a very simple WYSIWYG text formatting tool to use in a custom CMS.

I'm looking for something similar to TinyMCE. Unfortunately, TinyMCE is a bit much. I just want something that I can use on all of the textarea tags in the CMS, that will allow the client to bold, italicize, and link text. Very similar to what you can do on this site, except instead of showing the html that's inserted I'd like it to be wysiwyg.

TinyMCE is great and all, but when clients try to paste in an email or Word doc that has tons of formatting, it tries to maintain that formatting and you end up with a lot of junk code in the DB. Just need something that will take pasted text as plain text and then allow some basic formatting, while hiding the html from the user.

Does something like this exist?
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htmlArea. I used an earlier version of this a few years ago, although I can't remember what junk you would get from pasting in Word stuff.
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Have a look at WYMeditor... if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there will be something here. It's pretty much the definitive list.
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"This example shows you how TinyMCE can be configurated to function with Word content in the best possible way. TinyMCE is configured to auto convert/cleanup pasted Word content in this example."

Seeking recipe for easy posting with TinyMCE from Word documents... recommends using the Paste from Word feature.
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TinyMCE really is the best of the worst for WYSIWYG editors out there. It's a problem which really has no end of problems to solve. Non-technical users will do *anything* with the editor.

I know that TinyMCE is too heavy-weight out of the box for what you're asking for. But it can be configured with some simple javascript to be a simple, bare-bones editor.

Other than that, I got nuthin. At least nothing available to 3rd parties.
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