How do I tell my Ipod docking clock radio to wake me up to a playlist?
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I have the Ipod Touch which I enjoy EXCEPT for its newly crippled alarm clock. My previous Ipod would play a playlist as the alarm sound. The Touch doesn't do this and it's slowly driving me crazy. I own an Ipod docking clock radio so all may not be lost.

However, my wife lost the instructions the day we got the clock radio, and I don't know how to tell it to wake up the Ipod and play a playlist.

It's a Jensen JIM-100s, the cheap-o model sold at Sears. I can set it to "wake to Ipod," but all that does is turn on the Ipod doesn't tell it to play.

Somebody who has the manual -- please help! Or if you have a clock radio that does this, are there general instructions for docking these?
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Response by poster: On re-read -- my previous Ipod also had this issue -- I had to leave the clock radio on and set the Ipod alarm to the playlist. That was no problem, but since this Ipod won't wake to playlist, I need this solution if it's available.
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this question should really be posted to a more specialized forum. Ipod Touches are really new and it seems few in the hive mind have any experience. I suggest asking here or here.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Willie. I was hoping some experience with actually controlling an ipod using a docking clock radio would emerge, considering I've had the thing for awhile and I never could get it to work with my older Ipod. I'll plumb that site, though.
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Response by poster: (Had the clock radio for awhile, I mean)
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If you find the answer there, post it here, and mark it best answer. AskMe tends to rise to the top when people search for anything these days.
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