Double the Fun. Where can I find a double-hemmed suit jacket?
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Sexy Suits: This weekend I saw a woman wearing a blazer with a double-hem at the bottom, kind of like this one. It wasn't that one though - it was sharper, nicer fabric, not as round, with stronger diagonal line from the hip downwards. I so need one of these jackets!

It was grey with a pinstripe. It definitely was not double-breasted. I'm pretty sure it had one button, but perhaps it was two. I'm in the US but the jacket definitely could have come from anywhere -- Europe, South America, Asia, etc., because she was incredibly well-traveled. Is this a needle in a haystack situation? Am I stuck trying to get one made for me? What are the other sexy, slightly cool details on blazers or suit jackets? This was a little detail that was noticeable but not screaming 'fashion victim' and was slimming, well cut and it looked sharp. Please help me with my ongoing attire search!
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I got one similar at the INC line at Macy's (there's also INC women's if you need something larger).

You can also try and - it says that you need something on the large end, and both of those sometimes carry 12-14, although they cater to the larger sizes.

Finally, and don't have this exact thing, but they have some other good stuff. Target's designer lines and Kohl's Vera Wang line will also have some stuff you'll probably like.
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Am I stuck trying to get one made for me?

You mean, do you have an excellent excuse for getting a custom-made garment? They can be surprisingly affordable if you find the right people. Where are you located?
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It's kind of a 40's thing, isn't it? I have a curvy double-hem jacket that's 40's vintage. It buttons all the way up though. (always encouraging people to buy vintage.. :)

Also, French Connection has a lot of fitted jackets, that might be worth a shot? Ralph Lauren Rugby seems to have some grey pinstripe pieces lately although the sizing runs terribly small. Also, I notice the eBay tendency for sellers to call something "vintage" when it's in the new clothing section to denote a style, not the age of the garment. You could try searching eBay for keywords stating the cut, color, pinstripe (pin stripe, pinstripes - try variations), slim cut, suit jacket, etc.

I'm not saying buy it there, but see what brands pop up and that might put you on the right track. Another hint is.. if the jacket fits in the shoulders, that is key, they are very hard to alter, but I think a good tailor could take one in slightly to make the body fit better if need be.
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