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I would like to find a screensaver an artist friend can load his artwork into and sell, for PC's and Macs.

My friend is a photographer who works on a Mac. He prints out his Photoshop enhanced photography and sells at markets and fairs. He says he knows of other artists who sell screensavers with their art loaded into them. I'd like to find shareware that can do this. For the widest market hopefully this software would have an installer for both PC's and Macs on one CD that could be sold by the artist ready to go.
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I looked long and hard for shareware to do this some time ago. I couldn't find anything and would have gone the route suggested here if the client had gone ahead with the project.
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Since most computers tend to already have some sort of slideshow screensaver software built-in these days, he could just sell discs with the images and some instructions about how to use them. That way, people could use them for desktop wallpaper too.

The only reason I could see for requiring a new piece of software just to do a slideshow-as-screensaver would be to attempt some DRM, which probably won't stop anybody who understands computers from getting the images anyway if they want them. And, using such a program will reduce the number of computers this disc is compatible with.

A plain CD full of images will work for everyone.
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