secret to getting "OLD" out of fabric
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Getting "OLD" moist smell out of fabric?

After buying a tapestry from an Estate sale recently I have noticed the tell-tale signs of neglect. Is there a tried and true method to rid an Antique of it's musty odor? Have tried leaving it out in the sun for three days to no avail. Thank you...
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Try dry cleaning it. For must, oxygen is the thing, and sun is good for that. Bleach or peroxide are good, but will probably affect the color. Steam cleaning is another good option; it will kill the musty smell and is unlikely to affect the color, at least too much.

A professional rug cleaner would be be the best option if this is a valuable tapestry.
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How you treat this textile depends on a few things. Is this something that is very valuable? Is so, don't take it to a regular dry cleaner. Dry cleaning is harsh on old textiles. If the textile has any silk in it, the dry cleaning may cause it to completely deteriorate.

Spritzing vodka on textiles can sometimes kill bad smells, without discoloring the fabric, but I wouldn't use it on anything rare or valuable.
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I have not tried this myself, but have heard that leaving musty pieces in a drawer/box/small room with kitty litter is helpful, as the kitty litter absorbs odor.

What I have tried, with great results, is the air-out/sun method. I hung out an old silk crazy quilt for about 4 days, and the scent was gone. However, we've been having great clear dry weather here in New England which I think lends itself to airing out fabric.
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The smell is caused by bacteria. There are many ways to kill bacteria... :)
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