Boo! Now give me those internet residuals, dammit!
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I'm thinking of being the 2007 Writer's Strike for Halloween (because, you know, November 1st will be pretty scary for us WGA members living paycheck to paycheck.) Now-- how to make this snarky, intangible and in-joke-ridden costume idea a reality?

I live in LA and the majority of my friends are screenwriters, so there shouldn't be too much of a problem with people 'getting it.' I just want it to be an awesome costume, with lots of funny little references. (A dartboard with Patrick Verrone's face? A handful of bounced checks to hand out?)

If this is too much of a stretch, I'll go be a sexy {insert any occupation or mythological creature} like 99% of the female population. But I'd prefer to be the 2007 Writer's Strike. (Sexy writer's strike?)

(I'm female, if that helps. And I'm actually pro-strike, not that it matters.)
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Hmmmmmmm. A gigantic piece of paper that's completely blank save for a page number and the words FADE IN:?
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you want to go as an idea as opposed to a person? I think that might be tough to pull off.

what you could do though is go as a blind movie mogul.

get a suit that's way too large, a white cane, the yellow ribbon with the three dots, dark sunglasses, pad the suit so you look like david byrne and stick a cbs logo on the lapell.
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and don't worry about the sexy part. they already know you are. if you are.
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Maybe go as a strike buster? Have a zoot-suitish sort of thing put together, black mask, and a baseball bat saying STUDIO STRIKEBUSTING FORCE or the like?
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Why not just carry an extremely overwritten picket sign explaing the terms of the strike?
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On studio stationary, labeled TOP SECRET:

Shows that don't need union writers:
* Reality
* Sports
* Stuff stolen from the internet
* Documentary (No narration = artsy)
* News (boring! maybe sexy news instead?)
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Could you dress up all writerly, with typewritten sheets poking out here and there, a vest and monocle maybe, and also carry a baseball bat with which you'll try to hit objects but keep on missing?
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Go as Mark Burnett. That would pretty much capture, it, wouldn't it?
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Bowling ball, + Bowling shirt with team name "Writers" on the back.
And wear a ribbon for a perfect score.

It'll take them a second.
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You could go as a schedule grid (TiVo Now Playing list or TV Guide page, etc) filled with horrible reality show ideas.

8:00 9:00 10:00
ABCAmerica's Fattest People Lost in the supermarket Dancing with the Dancing with the Stars Dancers
CBS Rock Star: Grand Funk Railroad Survivor: New Zealand Survivor: Alabama
Fox World's Wildest Explosions 100 Monkeys, 100 Typewriters
NBC Deal or No DealMILF Island

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(well, the grid table looked nice in the Live Preview, but AskMe filtered out the HTML table tags.)
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If you want to go the "extremely literal costume that people look at, puzzled, ask you what you are, and then you tell them, resulting in appreciative groan" route, you could get a body-sized photograph of a writer (sandwich board-style), and then do a deletion proofreading loop (sample) through the photo.

Writer ... strike.
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Go as Howie Mandel. He'll be on NBC 12 hours a week if they strike.

Or a Deal or No Deal girl! That's sexy! Suitcase and all. Open the suitcase: A Variety front page with some Variety-esque headline (WRITERS: "MORE PAY," STUDIOS: "NO WAY") . You've probably read it more than me so there's gotta be something more clever.

Maybe be a DOND girl with a button saying "Ask me why I'm on TV 12 hours a week starting tomorrow."

My apologies for simplifying the WGA strike, but I'm sure that's how the media would portray it anyway.
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L.A. is like a parallel universe. This is the only city where people at a party would actually appreciate your costume and obscure reference to a union boss. I like the idea of dressing like a reality TV star who doesn't need a script and wouldn't be able to read one anyway (Chyna anyone?).
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Me, I'm thinking "actor with no lines". (Use a celebrity actor mask.) Or "TV screen with static", Teletubby style.
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A biological scab!
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I was gonna suggest utilizing a picket sign, but someone beat me to it. Still, theres so many ways you could go with this... dress up like a hobo, asking for handouts, all the while maintaining your demand for residuals. Or, in lieu of the hobo outfit, wear a Trader Joes or Starbucks uniform while diligently picketing.


Ue a sandwich board to make yourself look like an issue of TV Guide - maybe the Emmys issue, showing a crappy reality or game show winning it all.


Go as an out of work brass brad salesman, or a layed off brass brad.
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I saw a photo of a picketing writer from the last time there was a TV strike.

It was simple and perfect and has stuck in my memory.

Just carry a blank picket sign.
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This guy did a pretty good job, just to follow up.
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