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A caveat: I prefer New Green Bo to all of these. However, with a group of 10 friends from out of town, do you recommend Jing Fong, Golden Unicorn or another one of Manhattan's giant dim sum emporiums? I'm looking for quality and range. I haven't been back in Jing Fong since it was remodeled but I assume it's still pretty nice.
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We went to Joe's Shanghai for a recent meetup; there were about 10 of us, and the food was really good (and cheap).
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I recently went to Golden Unicorn with a party of 8 and it was okay. My parents and I are used to more authentic fare, but the other party was somewhat new to it, so GU was a good choice. Their steamed and baked pork buns are still as good as I remember them as a little kid in the 80's. There was no wait (we went on a Saturday though). I found it surprisingly easy to flag people down as opposed to other places.
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Joe's Shanghai isn't dim sum, though. Can you imagine the craziness in the room if there were carts involved? Oy.
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Response by poster: Yeah, Joe's is fun, but I'm specifically looking for Dim Sum.
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Ping's is consistently our favorite.

One o'clock on weekdays seems to be one of the best times - everything is fresh and plentiful and there isn't generally a wait. As for the weekends, they do tend to move people in and out very quickly, but it can be a bit of a zoo. I'd say try to go around between 10 and 1, and avoid later in the day as they tend to trot out the stuff that didn't sell earlier, so it's not as fresh.

Try to sit upstairs and avoid being sat on the inside of the table. All the dumplings are fantastic, as are the pork long noodles, the sugarcane shrimp, and crab balls. Sticky rice with pork, taro cake and short ribs are also delicious. If you can, ask for a plate of sauteed pea shoots to accompany your meal and get the warm silken tofu drizzled with honey as a dessert.
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Shun Lee in the Upper West Side. Very good dim sum and regular dishes. The Café is less expensive than the actual restaurant.
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Oh, and here is Shun Lee's menu.
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I miss 20 Mott Street. (If the place had another name, my Chinese local friend didn't know it.)

They had three floors of Dim Sum on the weekend, the carts going around, all sorts of stuff. I thought it was the best.

The last time, I went to the Nice Restaurant, which was pretty good, too.
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88 Palace is my personal fave (and Calvin Trillin's top pick too, apparently).
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Response by poster: OK, so it'll be either 88 Palace or Ping's if we're downtown, Sun Lee if uptown. Thanks all!
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mephron, is the 20 Mott St. Place you speak of Sweet n' Tart? Google streetview link

If so, I also miss them and just wanted to sympathize. Luckily though, they still exist! In Queens. http://www.sweetntart.com/
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Zackola: no, it was the 20 Mott Street restaurant before it was Sweet n' Tart.
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