What can I do for a groin pull? How long wil it take? How much will it heal?
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what is the best therapy, help etc. for a groin pull I got chasing a little 9th grade....never mind. The main point is, will it heal 100 percent? How can i help that? I'm 44, losing weight and used to be fast and strong for my size.
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what do you mean by a "groin pull"? I assume you mean a pulled muscle in your groin. How long have you had it? How much weight have you lost, over what period of time? Do you atribute the weight loss to the pulled muscle, and if so, why? Or have you been trying to lose weight?

Basically pulled muscles heal on their own, but if this is something that's been going on more than 2-3 weeks, go see your doctor. Your pain could be due to something other than a pulled muscle.
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So-called groin pulls can involve any number of different muscles. Very difficult to treat on your own. Go to a medical professional. I would try to find a sports medicine facility with MDs on staff or on retainer. They will have the ability to both diagnose and treat.
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