No credit card, will I not be able to Spice up my life?
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Embarrassing Spice Girls Tickets Question: I have a code to purchase tickets for the Toronto show. I don't have a credit card so I can't buy them online. They go onsale tomorrow morning. Can I buy them at a retail outlet? Anyone have any experience with other cities?
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Buy a preloaded VISA card at any Western Union or check cashing outlet.
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Best answer: Do you have a friend who might be willing to charge them in exchange for equal amount of cash? "I'll give you $65 dollars if you'll enter your credit card on this page (while I turn my back) for a $65 ticket charge for me. And then I'll buy you a beer."
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buggzeee, we don't have those here.

You can get preloaded MasterCards, but I don't think it can be done overnight.
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Try your bank for a pre-paid MasterCard or Visa.
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Best answer: Go to Moneymart, get a prepaid mastercard. It'll cost you though. No bank that I know of in Canada offers prepaid cards. You can get them from other FIs, but not overnight. MuchMusic also offers a card aimed at teens if you prefer.
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I neglected to mention, Moneymart will give you a temporary card or something that you can use on the internet right away. Fees are something like 30 bucks to open the account though (maybe more?).
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Response by poster: Followup:

So to answer my original question, no you cannot buy these tickets at a retail ticketmaster outlet, Internet only "pre"sale.

You can get a Prepaid Mastercard at MoneyMart and a few of those other shady quickloan places. Costs $20 plus 7.50 a month, although I think once the balance is off it it won't go negative with the fees. Don't trust me on this though as I don't really believe what those people tell me.

It was a bit of a bust though as the one I went to couldn't sell me one until the manager got there at 11. I went home and frantically called everyone I could think of. Eventually found someone who was going with her dad and she managed to score tickets for all of us. Sweet.

FYI, if you want tickets for these concerts, don't fuck around like I did, be prepared. We were given less than 48 hours advance notice of the sale date. Tickets sold out within 7 minutes (probably much less). Another show was added at 10:30 and also quickly sold out.

Spice Girls!
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Response by poster: Oh, and to clarify, the preloaded mastercards can be used right away. So if they would have sold me one, it would have worked.
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