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I am thinking of buying a Vespa scooter - should I get a 2 cycle or 4 cycle engine?
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Four, because it's umpteen time less polluting.

Should also be much lower maintenance.
posted by five fresh fish at 3:08 PM on May 22, 2004

One thing to keep in mind is that the Vespa 4 stroke is much more powerful than the 2 stroke. If you are going to ride short distances on busy city streets, then the 50cc 2 stroke will be plenty. If you are going to be riding up and down hills a lot, then you might want more power. Also, if you're ever going to ride on streets where people tend to drive faster than about 35 mph you'll feel rather uncomfortable on a 50cc scooter. Bottom line: it never hurts to have more power (up to a point), so if you can spare the extra $1000 go for the 150cc. However, depending on your situation, the cheaper model may be perfectly adequate. Have you considered other makes of scooters or motorcycles?
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Response by poster: No, should I consider something else?

I was wondering if there was such a thing as an electric vespa scooter.
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I just asked out of curiosity. But, for example, a friend of mine got a Honda Metropolitan scooter and is very happy with it. The Metropolitan has a 4-stroke 50cc engine and costs about half as much as the 50cc Vespa.
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I'm pretty sure I've seen electric scooters/motorbikes, but I don't know how well they work.

Electric-augmented bicycles are another point on the spectrum, probably not what you're looking for though.
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Screw those pansy hipster scooters - get a Honda Silver Wing (600 cc)
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I envy you -- such choices! All of these scooters look awesome.
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the question you really need to ask yourself, is do you want a new Vespa, or an old Vespa. My [recently sold] 1977 p200e [about 220cc], 2-stroke, could hit 90mph. [it wasn't stock.]

could do a wheelie going into 3rd. Has gears, you have to shift, etc. Had style.

but it was hard to start on cold days. Stop signs on hills sucked. Trying to ride home after breaking a clutch cable was a challenge.

the new ones are the best of the new scooters, but they are different, easier, etc than the old Vespas, and shouldn't be compared directly...they are different animals.

Middle ground would be something like a T5.



you can also find vespa advice going to a vespa Meetup, or checking out the Vespa tribe on [common question.]

your zip code on your profile is in the Boston area? You should have no problems finding people.
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My suggestion is to bag the scooter and get yerself a nice little Kawasaki Super Sherpa. A refined 250cc fourstroke engine with a nice electronic dash, push-button start, great fuel economy, great looks, and a very comfortable upright seating position. Climbs like a billygoat, scoots up to 120kmh without complaint, lightweight, and pretty much the ultimate urban assault vehicle (only the DRZ400 and KLR650 out-assault it, and only in my opinion.)

You would, of course, be wise to obtain motorcycle rider training from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
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get the honda.
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