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I saw an ad this weekend picturing two women hikers wearing large backpacks in a gym on treadmills. The tagline was something similar to" Save the environment before there's nothing left to save." Where can I find this image? Google gives me nothing.
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try and
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Response by poster: no dice with those links:(
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Are you in Canada? I recall seeing a ad in a Mountain Equipment Co-op catalogue that had pretty much the same idea, with a different execution (a guy camping in the middle of a roundabout) and a similar tagline.
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Response by poster: I'm not in canada..but that sounds like there is a series of these type of ads!
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The ad in the MEC catalogue is for The Big Wild, a Canadian wilderness preservation group, but I don't see any evidence that the treadmill ad is associated with it.
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do you need the exact image? because it reminds me of a situation where my spouse wanted to use an ad he'd see in a lesson plan...different ad, similarly fruitless search.

(it was a riff on a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving feast, with

so, we got some friends together, re-enacted it, shot it, and he still uses the new image.

this backpacki/treadmill one shouldn't be difficult to replicate. if your local name brand gym says no, try one in a smaller venue. a Y, maybe?
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My gym allowed me to use a treadmill with a full pack when I was getting in shape to do the Appalachian Trail. Just ask.

I did get a bunch of weird looks, though.
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