How do I find a buyer for my house when I can't show the place myself?
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So let's assume I own a house in MD. It's completely empty, clean, and requires no beautification. The catch is, I don't live anywhere near MD. What's the best way to find a buyer since I can't show the place myself?
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Century 21 or another nationwide r.e. chain like that?
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I've never done this (bought or sold a house before) so it's all completely new to me. I'm not sure what's the right approach at all.
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Hire a local real estate agent (local to the house, not to you). Pretty much any agent would be thrilled to list an empty, clean house.
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"I've never done this (bought or sold a house before) so it's all completely new to me. I'm not sure what's the right approach at all."

Well, thank you for contributing absolutely nothing.

SeizeTheDay, kindall has the correct answer for you. Additionally, if you know/are friends with/have a relative who is a real estate agent, that person will more than likely be able to use his/her contacts to find an agent for you.
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ReMax is good because the agents are all independent and thus tend to be older and more experienced. I live in MD and know a lot of Real Estate agents and all the best work for ReMax (IMO). If it is in Montgomery or Howard email me I have some excellent contacts.
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I'm pretty sure ReMax will come tell you good news about your property, no matter where you are, in a hot air balloon. So they've got that going for them...
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I always assumed that the balloons were actually powered by hot air issuing from the realtors themselves.
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Ditto what stbalbach suggested. I am actually a RE/MAX agent in Illinois and we have a vast referral network worldwide. If you'd like I can refer an experienced agent with multiple designations who would be familiar with your specific neighborhood. Email me if interested.

Unfortunately, I have yet to develop the skills to power a hot air balloon...but I'll work on it if it will get me on tv.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help all.
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