how do they make the bottles move around in the snapple commercials?
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how do they make the bottles move around in the snapple commercials?
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I'd guess a combination of wires and human hands, edited out during post-production.
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Yep, I was right. Here's a detailed explanation of how they were made:

"On set, the animation was done using practical Snapple bottles impaled on sticks or slid along slats. It was Brickyard VFX's job in post to remove any of the rigging that was visible in frame," said Brickyard VFX Lead Artist Geoff McAuliffe. "Snapple has really honed this concept over the years, so they know the best way to pull things off. Still, we just did heaps of painting and rotoscoping. In the footage, you'd see this robot going along on a giant stick, with the puppeteer's hands and all, and think, 'Wow, this is going to be just masses of rig removal.' At the end of the day, of course, it's one of those projects where you've done a good job if no one knows any effects or clean-up was done at all."
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Response by poster: cool, thanks.
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The ads.
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