hofbrauhaus kegs
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Does anyone know where I can buy or order kegs of hofbrauhaus dunkel beer in the chicagoland area?

...or other imported german/belgian beer kegs?
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I believe you can find the hofbrauhaus dunkel in the "personal" 5L size mini kegs at about any large grocery or beer store, along with quite a few other German beers. Belgian beers, I haven't seen. As for full 1/4 barrel kegs, I don't know.
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Do you know any bars in the area that have it on tap? If so you could ask who their distributor is and go from there.
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This map might be a place to start, you can narrow it down to beer stores.

Sam's looks to carry Hofbrauhaus, but they don't have the dunkel on teh website
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This would be the top-down approach, but you might call Louis Glunz Beers.

I believe they're the/a local distributor for Hofbräu (they do have the dunkel in their catalog). They probably can't hook you up, but they might know who can.
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Does it have to be the hofbrau that is made in Germany? Hofbrauhaus Newport uses their same recipes and they may distribute it someplace that gets close to Chicagoland...can't hurt to give them a call.
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There is a Hofbrauhaus in Wisconsin. If you are okay with the drive, give them a call and see if they carry it.
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