Last Minute Phone Unlock
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How to unlock a C120 Pantech Phone on AT&T?

I've left this to the last minute. I'm going to Merida, MX. tomorrow and AT&T won't unlock my phone. I've only had the phone for a month and AT&T says I need to have my account open for 90 days before they give me an unlock code and then it'll take 2 weeks. Things I've read elsewhere indicate this is not true - I've spent 90 minutes on the phone with AT&T and haven't made any progress. The phone is a pre-paid "Go Phone". Come on Big Green - I'm counting on you! I hate to waste an AskMefi question on such a mundane topic, but any help would be appreciated! Gracias! Piggyback - What to do in Merida?
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You might try this.
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