Pre-marathon advice?
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RunningFilter: Half Marathon on Sunday. How should I spend Saturday?
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Don't eat dairy. Drink a lot of water. Pasta for dinner, but not too much. Maybe go for a walk, maybe do some yoga and stretching, but don't push it and don't go running.

And set out everything you need in the morning: race number, energy gels, breakfast (bananas are good).
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get plenty of rest, train lightly. this is the point where I always point people to the runnersworld forum. much knowledge there. (no affiliation, I just like the site.)

good luck.
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adiabat: why no dairy?
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krautland: Because running can be really hard on your digestive system, what with all the jostling, and ten miles into a race is not the time to find out that your digestive system is about to get really, really unhappy.

I had some mild discomfort on long runs (especially when racing), and cutting out dairy for 24 hours in advance seemed to fix it for me. (I am not, to my knowledge, lactose intolerant.) At the very least, it's not going to do any harm to cut dairy out for one day, and it was worth it to me not to toy with one of my bigger fears about long races.

Here's a link with related advice. Which reminds me, I_Love_Bananas, the importance of a bit of strategically-placed Vaseline cannot be underestimated.
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After helping run a few local Marathons, I second adiabat's mention of the Vaseline. You can't imagine my horror when I saw the first runner with raw bit marks on their shirt.
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I put bandages over my nips, I prefer it to vaseline.

Take it easy and sip lots of water. If you drink it by the glass full, you'll end up peeing most of it out immediately.
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I had a very good cross-country coach in high school and he always had us do a light run the day before meets. Jog a light 5 k, by no means over-exert yourself.

There were always rumors among us that you should avoid dairy, but back then the rationale was that it would contribute to lactic acid build-up in your muscles. I have no idea if this is true. We ate several plates of pasta the night before.
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I am a fan of adding some protein and fat to your pre-race dinner, and there have recently been articles in Runner's World and Trail Runner saying much the same thing. So if you love meatballs with your spaghetti, I say go ahead and have some. (My pre-race dinner of choice is pizza, but perhaps you are wiser than I?)
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Just chill out, try and drink plenty of water, but don't get neurotic about it. Maybe go out for a walk or something....

You've done all your hard work already, just relax and enjoy yourself.
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Thanks to all. I am already huge fan of Body Glide and plan to use it liberally. I believe in the no dairy rule and ended up with probably an 80/20 carb to protein ratio for the day.

It looks like we'll have perfect weather, so no Chicago Marathon debacles. Off to bed!
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