Chicago Cat Owners: where does your cat get his pearly whites polished?
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Sliding scale cat dentist in Chicago?

As a follow up to my husband's recent question about cat dental health, it seems we won't be able to tackle this fishy monster ourselves. Can anyone recommend a generous or sliding scale cat dentist in Chicago? We usually take our cats to Cat Hospital on Irving Park, but their prices are outrageous for dental procedures. Any other suggestions?
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I don't have a specific suggestion, I'm afraid, but this seems like a perfect question for the local SPCA? They may even do it for you for a reduced fee. They want to help you help the animals.

They won't ask you where you are and show up with a net, despite all those cartoons you've seen! ;-)
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FWIW, I recently had this done at the Family Pet Animal Hospital at Webster and Southport, and it cost $489 (incl. 1 biopsy, 0 extractions). It's a lot, but was still less than the time I had it done at the Cat Hospital.

If you have a car, you could try calling around to suburban vets, where it's likely to be cheaper. When I lived in rural PA this procedure would cost < 100 dollars.
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