iPod usb device not recognized
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Connected our two iPods, both devices got this error message, on windows xp.

I attempted to update my usb drivers per this. In device manager iPod and USB Mass Storage Device are not listed. The iPod is represented by unknown device, and was not successful.

This didn't work because I couldn't delete the listed files.

Please help!
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couple of questions,

1. You say "got this error message", but you don't say what the error message was.
2. "This didn't work because I couldn't delete the listed files" -- this points to an article about editing the registry, not deleting files. Are you saying you misunderstood "this" article and were searching your C: for the keys, or were you in the registry editor and got an error message there?
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Response by poster: Sorry for the inarticulate nature of my question. The title of my message was iPod usb device not recognized and I didn't add it to my question.

In any event, the computer recognizes the iPod now. After searching the web, I discovered this alternative solution that worked, unplug the computer, wait for about 20 min., then plug it back in again.
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ah, number 2 solution behind the slap-it-around method =p glad to hear it's working.
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