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Going out clubbing for the first time in years and i'm at a loss for what to wear. I'm going to be going out to the gay bars / clubs this weekend and have not been out for nearly two years so I'm a but out of touch.

Recently a friend of mine came out (as gay ) duh, and I'm gonna take him out club hopping, I want to look nice cuz I've been crushing on that guy sense before he came out... I have a feeling that he feels the same so I just want to make sure that I look my best. Just to reinforce it :)

I'm 27, decent body, can wear fitted clothing and look good, but can't get away with skintight (no six pack, but no gut either)
My budget is about $150.. I already have the shoes but need a shirt and some nice jeans... I already have some decent t shirts, so would I be better served by splurging on a hot pair of jeans?

I want to look somewhat classy, so no completely trashy clothes :)

I was thinking express or banana republic, but there is a Nordstrom's here too but I'm not really experienced with that place.

Please mefites, help me keep his eyes on me.
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. . . I'm a but out of touch.

Is it wrong of me to have fixated on this?

Under the circumstances, I'd say go with the jeans, and godspeed.
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Remember: the entire purpose of pants is to make your ass look good.

Try on as many jeans as possible, and solicit strangers to look at your ass (and provide opinions).
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Not sure where you are, but if there's a high-end jeans store where they have a bunch of different barnds and will be able to help you find the right kind for your body, you should try there.
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Couple things:

Fitted, as opposed to skintight, is definitely a good idea. If a shirt was stretched so tightly over your torso that one could see your sixpack (if you had one) that would definitely send the trashy signal you want to avoid.

Spend it all on the jeans, and just wear a t-shirt you already own and really like. Broken-in, often-washed t-shirts are nice because they're soft and will make you look relaxed and casual and like you're not trying too hard. But do make sure the t-shirt fits well.

I don't know where you live. Is there a nicer place to go than the places you named? They all seem kinda like mall stores. I mean, I don't mean to panic you in case you live in, like, Syracuse, New York, and that really is all you have to choose from. But $150 is a pretty substantial amount of money and if you're spending it all on the jeans (which I think you should do) you should try to get the nicest ones possible, at a good store, where there will be salespeople who can help you and know what they're talking about.

And don't, don't, don't wear anything that's shiny or made of artificial fabrics. You probably know this but just want to make sure.
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jeans jeans jeans.
I'm not a gay man, but I do appreciate a hot guy in good jeans. Spend the cash on the jeans, get a nice, not too loose pair that makes your ass look nice.
Ditto on the shiny fabrics.
Hope you get lucky!!
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I have no idea if they would look good on you, but I've had excellent success with Lucky brand jeans, and they're carried by Nordstrom, so it's a place to start. Excellent jeans in the $90 -- $150 range.
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So excellent, in fact, that I apparently had to use the word twice. So, there you go.
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Agreeing with the jeans thesis, I'd see if you can find one of these stores nearby:

Neiman Marcus Last Call
Saks Off Fifth
Nordstrom Rack

They're the outlet versions of their namesakes, and you can get great deals. For instance, I got a pair of $250 Rock & Republic jeans that I'd literally seen the week before in the big stores for $150. If you're going to pay full price and really want a pair of "hot" jeans (in the sense of them being in right now), you're probably going to have to pay between $150 and $200. Brands I'd recommend:

Rock & Republic (but way out of your price range if you're paying full price)
Seven for all Mankind
Paperdenim & Cloth
I love love love Antik Denim
and finally, I just got a pair of Hugo Boss jeans for $150, full price at Saks (not Off Fifth). So there are deals out there, go find them.
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Be sure to iron both the jeans and the shirt!
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My boyfriend gets really well-fitting jeans at Gap that don't cost a fortune. Then again, if you go designer, gay men will appreciate that.

For a t-shirt, you can get some hip graphic tees for around $25 at Express.

I'd also suggest you take the time to shave (or trim your facial hair, or whatever), put on lots of deodorant, and don't overdo it on the cologne.

Good luck!
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Jeans recommendations:

+ G-Star RAW
+ Michiko Koshino

If you're in New York, you can get last season's at Century 21--just keep your eye open for innovative designs. It's *all* in the details.

You should be able to get top quality Michiko Koshino's (490 MSRP at ~170). Amazing designs. Highly recommended!

If you're not in New York, I recommend Yoox

Or... fly to New York and go to all the sample sale.

It simply makes no sense to pay full MSRP for anything under $150 because you will not be getting premium services anyhow.

For the top, any white tees will do. Or... you can, like me, wear french cuffs + jeans + sandals. It's not the brand that matter--it's your taste. It's not fashion, it's style.

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