Help me recommend an interactive whiteboard.
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Can anybody recommend an interactive whiteboard package for an Australian primary school?

I've been tasked with costing a 20-workstation computer lab for a primary school, in pursuit of grant money. One of the must-haves is an interactive whiteboard. As a technician, rather than an educator, I have zero experience with these toys.

Most of them seem to be offered as a package deal with bundled software, for what strikes me as very high prices. So I'd like to hear from people who have used interactive whiteboards in a primary school setting, to find out whether the bundled software is worth paying a significant premium for. Should I be shopping around for a good bundle, or is it more important to get the best deal on good hardware? And what is the most reliable, least troublesome hardware?

I would also be very please to be able to present an Edubuntu-based lab as a costed option, based on a couple of grunty servers and a bunch of el cheapo thin clients; so, bonus points for anybody who can tell me about using interactive whiteboards with Linux.
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i don't know about Australia but in my old school in the US we got some of these and one of these. I really like the second one because it does not require blocking someones view no matter where you stand. and it feels like a more comfortable writing position. Beware though the one we have is getting fairly scratched up. The first choice is better in a more traditional white board replacement because it acts similarly to a classic board.
according to this they also have their software available for linux though we always used windows. good luck i know this is a daunting quest.
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Promethean Activeboards are popular in the school district where I work. I have no idea about price tho.
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My kids' school district leads the country (USA) in use of this kind of technology. I would suggest getting in touch with the superintendent's office or the technology department help desk.
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My ex-high school now has a SMART Board in every room, and I highly recommend them.
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