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I want to travel somewhere warm & relaxing over the Christmas holiday -- but not get hosed on the escalated rates in the process. Any suggestions?

Yeah, I know it's crazy to want to vacation over the Christmas holiday -- but with the office closed, it's a great time to get away.

From my research every year when I get this idea -- pricing over the Christmas holiday always escalates dramatically. In past years, I usually conceed that it's a financially poor idea, and go visit some family.

But this year, I need to get out of dodge. So, I'm wondering if there are any destinations that could be suggested where the escalated prices aren't too... terrible.

Flying from LA -- to somewhere warm, dry & relaxing, for about 5-6 days. Modest budget... just looking to avoid getting hosed.
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If by "Flying from LA" you mean "Flying from Los Angeles," just drive to San Diego. Or Palm Springs. Or Santa Barbara. Or Laguna Beach. Or Vegas. Or Mexico.

If by "Flying from LA" you mean "Flying from Louisiana," Florida is close, warm, and relaxing. Not super dry, but not too bad in winter.
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Response by poster: Traveling from Los Angeles. Flying out of LAX.
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Try some of the state parks in your state. We did that over the summer and got an excellent, fully furnished cabin for several days, at a price cheaper than most hotels.
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what about arizona or new mexico if you like nature? austin, texas, is a fun place, although not blistering hot in the winter.

inland mexico might work, too, although it will not exactly be hot.

the smaller latin american countries may have bargains--guatemala, el salvador, honduras, belize.
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If driving to one of the many warm, dry, relaxing places that are near L.A. but not in L.A. is not your bag, you could go somewhere as close as Ensenada.

I, personally, would just drive to Santa Barbara and stay at El Capitan Canyon just north of there.

If that's not warm enough, you could try Cabo. But you're not going to get a whole lot warmer at Christmastime than L.A. without going really, really far. Palm Springs would probably fit the warm, dry, relaxing bill as well as anyplace you could reasonably fly to.
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I've spent a couple of Christmases in Los Angeles, and for my money, there's no better warm and relaxing place on the planet than LA over the holidays. The city is deserted, the traffic flows at all times, and the beaches are empty. If I were you (I wish I was, this year), I'd get a hotel in Malibu or Venice, bask in the housekeeping, and catch up on the city; it's amazing how interesting it is when it's easy to navigate.

It was a pleasant 67 degrees here last year, and it's supposed to be a warm winter again (dunno where I heard that).
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Well, if you want to get out of L.A. but aren't opposed to staying in California, why not go to the desert? My boyfriend and I spent a long weekend in February out at the 29 Palms Inn, and it was great. You can sit by the pool, go into Joshua Tree, go into Desert Hot Springs to a spa, etc.
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It would be nice to know what your budget is and dates of travel. Not knowing that info though, I'd suggest heading over here to AZ. Maybe stay at a nice posh resort - Scottsdale, Phoenix. You could drive and save airfare and put that money toward a resort and lots of fun.

More exotically - how about Puerto Rico? You might be able to do better than $656 airfare, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the suggestions... especially the closer ones!

When I posted, I was thinking bigger -- assuming a flight out of the country to the Caribbean or Cabo... or even more exotic.

To refine: Traveling to a warm beach outside the continental US grows more expensive just because the travel dates fall over the holidays. Is there anything to keep in mind to combat this "holiday premium" -- whether it's creative destinations or booking?
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It's the airfare that's going to kill you. Hotel rates fluctuate and may rise for the holiday season, but getting flights out anywhere (domestic or international) anytime before Dec 20th and after the 28th will probably give you sticker shock.

My vote - drive somewhere within 6 hours - enough to get away and still feel like you've "gone" somewhere. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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