Is there an iWeb equivalent for Windows?
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Is there a windows-equivalent to iWeb? I work at an elementary school. I have teachers who want the ease and bells & whistles of iWeb, but we’re all windows here. I don’t care how bloaty the code gets; I just want teachers to look and say “ooooh, pretty!”

I tried to convince them to use something simple like Vox, but it isn't flexible enough.
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Wouldn't this be Microsoft Frontpage?
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You might find some of the newer online page creators nearer to iWeb, such as weebly.
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What about Google Page Create or Google Apps?
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Adobe Contribute and the free KompoZer are good options for this kind of work.

I work with the team that makes TypePad (we also make Vox) and we've seen a lot of people happy with using it to make simple websites, too. It does things like standalone web pages and photo galleries, which Vox deosn't easily do.
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