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I just moved to Verdun, (Montreal), Quebec. Any current or former inhabitants have any hidden gems they can share?

I'm thinking of things along the lines of nice pubs, good groceries etc etc. (and, Yes I know there isn't going to be a lot of "gems")

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Try posting this query to the Montreal Livejournal community. Enough folks live in Verdun that there are definitely some nice things to be found there.

Meantime, the waterfront park is pretty nice this time of year.
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Best answer: Verdun...I lived there for a couple of month and sometimes miss my 400$/month apartment.

I remember 2 nice places, Garage café and Delirium Café, both on corner of Ethel and Hickson. For groceries, there's the Atwater market. There are a couple af good bakeries on Wellington near LaSalle for your croissant.
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Best answer: Oh! I lived there for a year, two years ago, and really dug it.

There's a really great Asian grocery on the corner of Wellington and... hm, maybe 1e ave.? Anyways, walk down Wellington around there and you should be able to find it. Good, super-cheap veggies & stuff.

The bowling alley/bar on de L'Eglise, between Wellington and Verdun is awesome, with karaoke and tons of Quebecois charm.

Seconding the bakery that I believe racingjs is referring to-- if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's primarily a (delicious, inexpensive) bagel joint, but they make lots of other good stuff as well.)

Sukubus, the cult video rental place on Wellington between Lasalle & de L'Eglise metros is also really good, especially due to its incongruity in the neighbourhood.
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Seconding the bakery that I believe racingjs is referring to-- if it's the one I'm thinking of, it's primarily a (delicious, inexpensive) bagel joint, but they make lots of other good stuff as well.)

Thirding it - it's tucked into the corner near the Pharmacie Jean Coutu. They have good coffee there, too (thank you racingjs for the memory, it's been years since I was there)

What else is nice in the neighborhood - long walks along the St Lawrence River (Riviere St Laurent or Le St Laurent for short). Alternatively, walking or biking along the canal along Champlain Blvd.

Ice fishing on the St Laurent. Kayaking in the rapids on the St Laurent in the summer (be cautious though, you need to know what you are doing in there)

Parc Angrignon on the other side of the canal - beautiful woods, nice park, walkways. I spend my chilhood Sunday afternoons walking there with my family.

Otherwise, it's charming suburban architecture like one finds elsewhere in Montreal - the big turn of the century ( that other one, not this one) brick triplexes with the high ceilings, wrought iron circular external staircases; or little post-war single family homes on big lots (massive lots by Western standards)

Lots of young families. Not as much there for pubs IIRC, the good ones are downtown.

L'Ile Des Soeurs is technically also Verdun - nice green spaces, condovilles, walkways, little islands in the St Lawrence river connected to one another by bridges.

Nice area - but suburban, young families, quiet. Go further East to Pte Ste Charles to find some even older homes, for less money, near the old CN trainyards. It's a rundown area with potential - and it's becoming more gentrified. Now there's an investment waiting to be made given its proximity to the downtown Montreal core.
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According to the wiki entry on Verdun, you probably won't find many pubs in the city limits:

"It is one of the few areas in Quebec to ban drinking establishments within its borders, although restaurants with bars are allowed."

So all the "pubs" would have to be primarily eateries with a bar service, I'm guessing.
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None other than Kristian Gravenor suggested you check out the MSN Verdun Connections board.
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Best answer: Metro Joanette on de l'eglise just north of Wellington has the best beer selection in the Montréal area. A true gem of a grocery store.
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My SO who has lived in Verdun for 21 years recommends these places:

For good croissant, jam, and coffee Lefebvre et Filles on Wellington near Lasalle.

For spices and organic products a shop called La Branche D'olivier on Wellington near Gordon.

The best drink that you could get at Verdun is the aforementioned Garage Cafe, if you would want to get a beer with some food.

And to keep in mind the no pub law of Verdun.
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Btw I just moved to Verdun too. We should hang out!
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