What sort of tables would work as a writing desk for a couch?
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In today's NYTimes House and Home section, there is a picture of a desk table that fits perfectly with a couch. Is there a style or name for this kind of table? Where would I find one?

I am guessing the table in the article is well out of my price range. I'd like to try to find a table with the same functionality. I hate hunching over a coffee table, and my card table is too high. This table looks adjustable in the picture ... but I could be wrong.
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My grandparents-in-law have a similar-height coffee table. They made it out of an old dining table, just by cutting the legs down.

It almost looks like perhaps the same thing was done with the desk in the photo because of how wide it is.
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I don't think that table is adjustable, but I would call it a library table. Look here.
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Ikea's GALANT A-legged desk (adjustable legs and table top of my choice) worked perfect for me. A desk for work, and a coffee table in-a-minute when friends come over. But all depends on your taste and style of other furniture in the room, of course.
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I have a coffee table just like that - it sits at coffee table height, then you can lift the top towards you and use it as a desk. I bought mine at Art Van, which is a mass market furniture store in Michigan. I think I paid less than $300 for it 5+ years ago. It is very sturdy, the arms are kind of spring loaded (without springs) so it is easy to lift, is on wheels so I can leave it up and still get off the couch (the base is really heavy so it won't tip when you are working on it). I'm sure you can find something like this is most large furniture stores in your area.
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Let's try that again...
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I'm skeptical of that photo. Bright direct light above the laptop? I don't think one could actually work that way.
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Maybe the couch is higher than a normal couch? You could easily place taller feet on a couch to make it work better but normal couches encourage slouching back which really does not work well when combined with a table. You really would need a specific couch to be comfortable working with at a desk or table.
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It looks like a kitchen table to me.
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It looks like a dining table to me, too. If you lighten the image you can see how tall it really is, and I bet if she computes like that all the time she'll have back problems. Having the mere idea in my head gives me phantom spasms.

Anyway, laptopping at the couch is something people have thought of before, so:

Slashdot thread

And just generally googling terms in combination, like "laptop desk couch".
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