Is it possible to open a QuickBooks 2006 company file in QuickBooks 2004?
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Is it possible to open a QuickBooks 2006 company database file in an older version of QuickBooks, namely QuickBooks 2004? Or is there a way to downgrade a 2006 database to a version that would open in 2004? Basically need to open a new database in an old version. Is it possible?
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A couple of years ago, I worked in technical support for Intuit. At that time, the answer was no, and I'd be surprised if that changed.
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If I remember correctly, in 2006 they started using a SQL style database to store the company files. A major change in database architecture like that means that it would be practically impossible to do what you're suggesting.

In addition, if you got Quickbooks 2007 and opened the QB2006 database, it will want to upgrade it to 2007 format making it difficult for your 2006 version to use that file.

At least that's my experience at my work.
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I went through this recently.
Unfortunately, the answer is no. We wound up buying the version of QB.
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If you are just trying to get a look at something in the 06 file, what about downloading the current trial version... open up the 06 file, then export whatever details in excel.
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