Who's doing DIY music download sales?
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I'm looking for music artists (individuals or bands) who are selling their own music via digital downloads (with some specific qualifications)

The conditions are: I don't mean they sell them through eMusic, iTunes etc. It is fine if they also do so, but I'm looking for cases where the artist has their own system for digital transactions. Free downloads + a tip jar don't count. The tracks have to be DRM free. I already know about Radiohead and Brad Sucks. It's for a series of reviews of different options for purchasing digital music online.
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bishop allen run their own digital store. you can't buy tracks at the individual level, just the full ep or album.
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Meg Hutchinson
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Cowboy Junkies: Latent Recordings
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Bill Janovitz
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Poster Children
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They Might Be Giants downloads of their CDs concerts.

Barenaked Ladies has concerts, too, but it's not part of their web site. (It's pretty cool to have a live CD from a concert you went to.)
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Response by poster: I can't believe I didn't think of the Poster Children! Thanks for a bunch of great answers so far and keep 'em coming, please!
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Response by poster: And of course I forgot to remember the Harvey Girls as well...
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David Binney sells recordings of his live shows in mp3 format.
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David Gray has his album A Thousand Miles Behind for sale as 128/256 kbps mp3 files, and even in FLAC format.
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Jane Siberry, in a pay-what-you-will format.

And see this post in the blue, if you haven't yet.
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Cloud Cult does this for all their albums, and offers package deals of multiple albums, artwork and shirts for very modest prices. You can buy DRM-free high bitrate digital downloads, physical albums or both.

Excerpt from their store page:

We are happy to have you in our little Cloud Cult shop. As you probably know, we are a totally independent band. All of these Cloud Cult goodies are made with organic and/or recycled materials, and green energy credits are purchased to negate any greenhouse gases produced in manufacturing these items (that means we pay to have a lot of wind power pumped into the grid in order to provide all of the electricity we need to make this yummy stuff). We also plant ten trees for every 1,000 albums sold just to be sure any other pollutants are absorbed. We have turned away major record label interests so we can be sure we can maintain control of providing Cloud Cult music in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. By purchasing your Cloud Cult products from this website, the band receives a much higher portion of the money than if you purchase anywhere else. So please support the band by getting your goodies here. Please allow 1-3 weeks delivery time. Thanks.

Pretty much the best thing for the band and for fans that want to support them. And if you haven't listened to Cloud Cult, prepare to be amazed.
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David R Black have some free tracks to download (usually at least 1 per CD)
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doh, just re-read, you said free downloads don't</strong count.
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I'm suprised nobody as yet has said Jonathan Coulton. If you look in his archives there's also some discussion of when he's switched from one system to another so you might find some more discussion from a seller's point of view.
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Response by poster: Maybe it goes without saying (and late in coming to boot) but any thoughts on finding other artists working this model would also be great. Again thanks for many ongoing great suggestions. This will get my project off to a great start.
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Lukas Rossi

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Bill Mallonee sells his solo stuff, as well as that of his band Vigilantes of Love. He also offers a monthly subscription offering new songs, demos, and live recordings each month.
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