The Single Mum's Guide to Social Enterprise
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Socially conscious business ideas for a funky media-savvy single mother?

One of my best friends had a baby a few months ago, which led her to put her career on hold. However, being a single mum (long story about custody) she needs to get some income.

She used to work in television as a presenter for many many years and is actually quite well known in her field. She also has experience in producing, scriptwriting, directing, radio presenting, public speaking, writing, and acting. She used to be a model and sometimes still does modelling work, but she doesn't want to keep doing that (she is a looker though!) She had a love of glass-blowing when she was younger, but I don't know if she'd necessarily call herself "crafty". She enjoys travel but due to the baby will have to cut this down. She is feisty, extroverted, and opinionated, but also caring and friendly and helpful. She's PASSIONATE about women's rights and is incensed when she senses injustice. Many people find her inspirational. She has a LOT of energy and is quite a workaholic, so the sudden stop of her career is driving her nuts!!

She was initially looking for an actual job, but I suggested she start her own business because she has pretty good skills for that. She said she's thinking of it, but she needs to start a business that is (in her words) "ethically sound, beneficial business that safe, eco friendsly and co op based. And lucrative!"

Any ideas for what she could do while raising her child? It doesn't have to fit ALL her criteria (first thing I'll tell is "you can't expect to save the world") but something socially conscious, or examples of women (particularly single mothers) that have successfully done the same would be appreciated.
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If she doesn't already, you friend should definitely subscribe to the Springwise newsletter -- they send out business ideas all the time, and many have an "eco-friendly" attitude. It's a great site to browse for entreprenurial brainstorming.
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Make apparel out of garbage?
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Let me try this again.

"...out of garbage."
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UK-centric but same sentiment at ...
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Does she have an agent? I have a friend who supports her family on voiceover work, and it only takes about 4-6 hours a week.
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My friend started and eventually franchised a pre- and post-natal fitness business that now has many locations. She helps new moms regain fitness, connect with their babies and build community. Through her franchisees, she helps women generate incomes, stay at home with their children, build community, empower other women and so on. She is also active in the community. Her role also allows her to stay at home during much of her children's early years, subtly introduce others to attachment parenting, fundraise for feminist and eco-friendly causes and so on. Perhaps something like that would work for your friend.
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Er, I meant to add that my friend also has experience as a mode, actor and so on.
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