Where to buy real estate on the Florida Gulf coast?
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Real Estate Filter: I am interested in buying a piece of residential real estate on the Florida gulf coast. Where should I buy?

I know that FL real estate, like most, is depressed at the moment. I'm looking to buy either a house or empty lot near the Gulf coast, anywhere from St. Pete to Naples. Investment horizon is roughly 10-12 years.

Can anyone recommend an area that has especially good potential? (In particular, any thoughts on Bradenton?)
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Estero and Lehigh Acres is on the verge of booming right now. They are both in Lee County, close to a new University (no, not that one, this one) and a good sized brand new airport.

I think things are still cooling off down here though. You might not want to jump right away.
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As someone who lives here, in St Pete, I would definitely recommend waiting. Prices are beginning to drop, but should probably drop even more.
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As another gulf coast native (with a dad who's been big in the real estate market here for almost 20 years. willimize might even recognize his ads if I were to put them up.), i'm going to agree that there's no rush. The old man says that at the very least, prices wont start rising again for another couple of years.
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