Name this old poem
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Hello folks, I am looking for the name of an old poem recited to me by my father in my childhood. It is similar in style to the 'Dangerous Dan McGrew' I think, but is about two men stranded on a desert island after their ship sinks. Initially they are strangers, but after realising they have a mutual friend, become good friends themselves. Things continue well until, I believe, they spot the mutual friend on a ship passing by. They notice however that the ship is a Pirate ship, and upon realising this, absolve their friendship in the knowledge that their mutual friend is of ill repute! This is all going on old memory, so I could be wrong in certain aspects.
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It sounds to me like you are thinking of Etiquette, one of W. S. Gilbert's Bab Ballads
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Nail on the head! Many thanks!
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