What should I look for in a cat sitter?
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I'm looking for a cat-sitter in DC. Given that it scares me a bit to have someone coming into my home when I'm not there, does anyone have recommendations or things I should be looking at specifically?
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I live in Alexandria, so I can't point you to somebody in DC specifically, BUT I've had a VERY BAD dog walker and a sketchy cat sitter (in another city), so can tell you what to look out for:

1. REFERENCES - Check them, and if they seem sketchy or unsure of how much they love the cat sitter, find somebody else.

2. Insured/Bonded/Business License - I'm all for small operations, but make sure they are legit by asking to see proof of this stuff.

3. Ask around for recomendations from friends/neigbors. Still get other references though.

4. Go with your gut feeling - I used a neighborhood guy as a dog walker whose references I had checked, and although his references weren't very enthusiastic, we hired him. We thought he was a little odd, but we were both 'well, he's a dog walker, so it's ok that he's a little weird.' Well, he ended up being very weird (too much too tell here) so we ended up firing him when he thought he wasn't really a good guy.
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"what drobot said", esp. item #2 since you'll be letting them into your home, plus you might want to check out the professional association Petsitters and maybe ask your vet too.
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I know of a good one on Capitol Hill. You don' t have contact info on your user page, so email me if you want a name.
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I too am on Capitol Hill, and I will gladly sit your cat if you're Metro-accessible and the schedule fits.

I'm not a professional, though I have a finicky white Persian of my own. If you want a seasoned professional, I can also refer you to a guy on the Hill. In fact, it's entirely possible it's the same guy to whom MrMoonPie is referring.
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Ask, and you shall receive.

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Response by poster: MrMoonpie, I just emailed you.

Brownpau, your user page doesn't have contact info either, so: I'm looking for someone for the last three weeks of July, in Logan Circle. If you're available/interested/affordable, let me know at lnosal at explorica.com. Or else send along your Capitol Hill recommendation.

And now you're all fully updated on my feline needs.

Thanks to everyone!
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Got it, occhiblu! One back at you.

Hey brownpau, now I'm curious...is it Paul?
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Nope, MoonPie, it was this guy -- that link's for occhiblu too. I recommend him; just make sure to leave written instructions.

Oh, my email is in my profile, but you have to view source. :D My username at gmail.
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