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Why does my snot taste like propane?

My snot is thick and gluey, and leaves my mouth tasting like propane or swamp gas. As well, for the past two weeks or so, I've had this smell inside of my head. I often get this after colds, or while experiencing hayfever.

I haven't had a cold in a while, but I'm on the road a lot, and fly in small commuter planes about four or five times a month. Last week I was on the road, and was forced to spend some time in semi-smoking environments. However, I've experienced this smell and taste since before this trip.

I have asthma, and suffer from hayfever, usually in April, May and June. For some reason, I did not experience hayfever this year (this was the first time in my entire life!). As well, while I usually suffer from colds from October to December, I have not contracted a cold yet.

So what the heck is this smell and taste infecting my phlegm?
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When my head and snot tasted like bleach, it turned out to be an infection. You might wanna check in with a doc.
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That sounds like a nice juicy sinus infection. Only without the nice.
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I just had this last week. Not the propane taste - but it was very funky. As a repeat sinus infection sufferer, I can concur with everyone else that it is most assuredly a sinus infection.
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Response by poster: Interesting...I have this condition a lot, usually in the winter or the spring. I'm not experiencing any pain or fever, but perhaps a visit to the doctor is in order...
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When I get that smell with thick/gluey snot, it's not a sinus infection, it's seasonal allergies. When I get that rotting dish towel smell with discolored mucus, that is a sinus infection. YMWV.
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I used to get a particular bad taste from a particular sinus medicine (Comtrex, specifically, no idea what was in it) that was not present with sinus troubles without the medicine.

When I get the kind of sinus plague that involves drainage down the back of my throat, there is always a horrible smell-taste, but it varies in nature. It is worst in the morning after draining/snoring all night, but is persistent until the drainage stops.

In summary: doctor, neti pot, maybe change any medications you're taking.
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I concur re: the neti pot. I was an unbeliever until I tried it. I suffer from allergies, chronic sinus infections, and they are all a thing of the past since I started using it. You can get it in the big chain of whole foods stores. I haven't had so much as a sneeze since I started using it, nor the nasty taste in the back of my mouth. Sorry I sound like a commercial, but I am a huge advocate of the thing!
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Sinus Blaster
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