Cellphone advice, please.
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Cellphones these days: do they make ones that will store my contacts (not just phone numbers, but addresses as well) and my calendar? And that can be sync'd with my PC? And (and this is key) aren't too terribly expensive?
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I *think* the t-mobile sidekick might be capable of that, but I'm not sure. Check into it.
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Sure. For example, check out the Nokia 3650 or the Sony-Ericsson t61[568]. You should be able to find one of those, sans contract, for around $200. I sync my t616 via bluetooth.
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Most of your PDA smartphones do all that and more, they're just a palm PDA and a phone combined, some are Pocket PCs and phones combined. I have the Kyocera 7135 and I love it, but there are plenty of similar ones from other companies.

Oh and the important part, they do have expensive list prices, but mine was $99 after rebate and some sort of upgrade bonus from Verizon.
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These Blackberrys are both phones and email recipients and you can sync your Outlook contacts and calendar. (non outlook stuff can be synched too but you have to take a few extra steps. The non-color ones work just as well and are lots cheaper.
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Get a Treo 600.

They're the best phone / pda ever.
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For only $24.99, I picked up a (self-link warning!) color-screen Motorola C343. It's beautiful. It stores contact names, multiple phone #s for each (home, work, cell, fax), e-mail addresses, mailing addresses, etc. It also has a reasonably robust Calendar function, with multiple alarms. And, of course, wireless WAP web-surfing -- I check my e-mail during the work day using it.

Oh - the $24.99 price was at Radio Shack, and was part of a 2-year sign-up with Verizon Wireless (which I've used for 2 years now and enjoy). Good luck!
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I can sell you my Siemens SX-56 (unlocked) if you're interested. It's a phone, PocketPC, mp3 player, and much, much more, in great condition. E-mail this addy if you're interested.
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I have a Handspring Treo. Its great EXCEPT after 1 year, the proprietary battery is wearing out. As you look at what is available, any chance to avoid a proprietary battery is a good thing. One thing I liked about the original Handsprings were the standard AAA batteries.
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The Nokia 6600 is the best smartphone out there at the moment (that is, for people who still want it to look like a phone!)
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I highly recommend you not get a Sony Ericsson T-6x .
It has a major bug in the firmware regarding the phonebook/contact mgr.
I was on the phone with them yesterday about it and they insist they "know about it, are working on it, but its not a bug"
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