Midrange gaming laptops?
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Recommend a midrange gaming laptop for around $2000?

I've got my sights set on the Asus G1S right now. Are there any other comparable models out there that:

1) Cost around $2000
2) Have a 15 inch screen
3) Include decent (~8600GT or comparable) discreet graphics

Thanks folks!
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This Toshiba Satellite P105 is the one I've had my eye on. Their new Satellite X205 series offers similar specs.
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Definitely take a look at the Killer Notebooks series. My SO ordered a kickass 17 inch from them over the summer and he's definitely in love. Awesome parts, ridiculously superior customer service, and reasonable prices. The Wakizashi seems to fit what you're looking for (minimal knowledge about computers...).

Either way, email the owner of KN Mark about customizations and upgrades and stuff. Very friendly and very approachable.
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The MacBook Pro fits the bill pretty nicely. Depending on which games you want to play, you would want to install Windows on it via Boot Camp, which is coming out of beta with the release of Mac OS X 10.5 later this month.
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Consider a $1000 IBM/Macbook + $1000 Desktop Gaming Rig. If you choose your parts carefully from a custom builder (there are many out there, one of my favorites is AvaDirect), you will get a far better gaming rig and a lighter/smaller laptop, satisfying the functions at which each excel.
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There was a question like this just two days ago. I like my Thinkpad T60 with the gaming GPU in it.
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