How can I sync PIM data between multiple computers?
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Syncing data (contact info, schedule) between multiple computers. [mi]

So here’s my situation, I have an iBook, a PC, and a Palm and I would like to keep my contacts, and schedule synched between all three, preferably I would like to this for free, and optimally (but not necessary) have a web interface so I can access this information from my Office PC as well… any ideas?
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Hm. Two Macs and an iPod work great, but Palm makes it a little harder and the PC makes it a lot harder.

I haven't personally seen any answer to this sort of problem, but I'm curious to know what others come up with.
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Well, for one thing, I've synched my Palm using the default Palm Desktop / iSync Conduit on both my PC and my Mac (Palm Desktop only on the PC and a combo of both on the Mac). Works pretty well; I rarely used the Palm Desktop PC applications--mostly just using it as a backup for the Palm Pilot itself--but I use iCal all the time on my Mac.

So you should be able to keep the Palm Desktop's calendar and contacts lists synched with the PalmPilot and with iCal and Address Book on the Mac with no real problems...

Also, it's apparently possible (theoretically, anyways) to fake the .Mac system if you have your own UNIX server and install WebDAV and a few other things. This would allow synching over the Net as well. I have gotten WebDAV itself working, but so far that only allows for me to use Backup and iCal calendar subscribing--not full synching, and nothing with the Address Book.

If you want, drop me an email and I'll let you know when I look into the iSync spoofing. Now that school is pretty much over I'll probably get on that pretty quickly :)
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Is Yahoo Calendar not powerful enough? It has a program to sync with with Palm (only on PC though).
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