gifts for post-gastric bypass?
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Any specific suggestions for care package ingredients for a friend who has just had gastric bypass surgery? I want to give her a few small things that might give her a lift (and don't want her to know specifically that it is me asking, hence the anon). I was thinking, for a young hip chick with a great sense of humor - maybe a small itunes gift card, some comic anthologies, a fun tote bag, sugar free candy? This isn't going to be a massive box or anything, I just want to make her smile during her recovery.
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She'll be laid up for a little while, right? How about in-bed fun- pleasure reading, DVDs, or a mini-Netflix subscription?
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Comics are great, and the brand-new (as in, it hit stores today) Indie Spinner Rack anthology would be great - lots of bite-sized comics from hip young indie kids that are totally showing us farts how it's done.
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Anything small, fun, and able to be enjoyed while she's in a hospital bed (if she's going to be there a while). Comics and books are great, as well as mini craft kits with everything included, a notebook or sketchbook with colorful pens, puzzles, a book of crosswords or sudoku if she's into those. A piece of cheap-but-cute plastic jewelry that she can wear while in the hospital might make her smile. Lightly scented lotion, flavored Lip Smackers, or nail polish might be a possibility, too - it's easy to feel gross when you're in the hospital, and something as minor as a fresh coat of polish can go a long way.

When I send care packages, I like to visit a few shops and grab whatever strikes my fancy. Tons of stores have entire sections of random gifty stuff - Urban Outfitters for hip (but expensive) books and accessories, Claire's in the mall for cheap jewelry and glitter, even dollar stores and the 1 Spot at Target if you're on a budget. Hobby and craft stores would be worth a look too. If you have time and don't hate shopping, take a walk around the mall or a Target-like store and just keep your eyes open for small, fun stuff, and you'll easily accumulate a boxful.
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I had the surgery 2.5 years ago and here are my thoughts:

1) Nalgene Bottle. You have to drink water like crazy, but you can only sip, sip, sip it right after surgery, so a good water bottle goes a long way.

2) Gift Certificate to GNC. Another big part of the surgery is getting in enough protein, which in the early months means protein supplements. So, a gift card to GNC will help supply her protein needs

3) a Mooshi or Cushie pillow. I had some slight discomfort sleeping after surgery and having a microbead pillow to lay on or with was a god-send. (And, actually, now I am thoroughly addicted to those pillows!)

If she had surgery laproscopically, she should actually be up and about pretty quickly, so an iTunes card is another good suggestion--music will keep her company while she starts walking around her 'hood.

A subscription to Obesity Help magazine would be nice They have tons of useful stuff on their website and their magazine is pretty cool too. If that seems off-putting (the title isn't the best, although it's called "OH" on the cover), a subcription to Fitness or Women's Health may accomplish the same thing.

Feel free to contact me via email (in profile) if you want more suggestions.
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Do NOT get her sugar-free candy. It is usually made with malitol which can act as a stool softner and it actually higher in fat and calories because it is diabetic NOT diatetic.
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Depending on her sense of humor, maybe a wacky poster, homemade card, or photo collage of Diego Maradona (or some other celeb who's had the surgery).
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I had the surgery too, and those are all great suggestions. I would also say that you could try and visit when you can after she's up and around. I had it done lap and I was pretty stir-crazy after a week, but I was off work for three! Obviously, it depends on how quickly she recovers, but you could make the offer, or make a certificate for the gift bag that says to call you when she wants to escape, or some such. A friend came over and played Guitar Hero with me and that was really fun, as was the trip to walk around Target (yes, I was pretty desperate!)
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If she's still in the hospital, the most thoughtful/useful gift i recieved post-surgery was a little package of kiehls products including moisturizer and toner/cotton balls so I could feel not quite so filthy when I couldn't bathe for days. It's a little thing but was amazingly thoughtful and appreciated.
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